Privacy Policy

Each app or social network comes with its privacy policy. Registration on a website implies entering name and contact info by the user. After that, the user information is processed for effective communication between the user and the website. The data is collected when a person fills in an info field, buys a product, subscribes to the news, etc. 

The information collected by the service helps the administration of the website deliver the information, which is interesting for the user, accelerate transactions, provide feedback and implement other features crucial for the website operations.

Protection of the information provided by a visitor is the duty and responsibility of the website administration. If the visitor doesn’t want to register on the site, there is no need to provide his/her email address or credit card data. Modern websites feature Cookies, which are used for remembering repeating user actions, saving important user preferences, collecting data about some processes during user-resource interaction. 

The collected data helps in understanding, what content of the website is important for the user and what information needs to be sent to subscribers. The resource content should be based on users’ comments, ratings, preferences. The privacy policy allows a user to share information from that website with other services on the Internet.

Personal information must be used only for implementing certain resource functions and is classified as a secret to other services. Information leaking is illegal and services, which are involved in that must be punished by law. A user account on a website or service allows the user to update personal data at any moment. 

The user has the right to demand a copy of data he/she provided to the resource or service and delete the account if it’s necessary. At some point, a user may be required to agree with privacy conditions for the service and press the “I agree” button. It is an important measure to introduce because some users that share information on forums want to keep their texts unavailable to other websites.

Privacy policy implies assigning a user a certain status in the service. Some websites offer bonuses and advantages for those who have been using the service for a long time. The information about the visitor is stored on the site for the period, for which the service needs that data. 

Sometimes, personal information is disclosed to partner systems and organizations, but it can be done only if there are limits prescribed by law. Children personal data handling is stipulated by separate positions of the policy. Some services don’t allow persons of under 16 or 18 years to open an account on their websites. 

Users also need to remember that website data sharing has no national or country limits. The data, which is available to all site visitors can be exchanged across all states.