Garcinia Cambogia — an effective aid for excess weight loss or a myth?

By John Irving

Today, there are not so many things in life that interest people more than the topic of weight loss. How to lose weight and, more importantly, how to do it quickly and without expending too much effort? These are the questions that plague more and more people around the world. Naturally, weight loss supplements are in great demand, which brings us to the topic at hand — Garcinia Cambogia.

A small number of people heard about Garcinia Cambogia and even smaller number of them know how it works. The reason for this is that the plant can only be found in India and Southeast Asia. Furthermore, the knowledge about the weight-loss properties of this plant was a closely guarded secret for many decades. Thankfully, every secret sooner or later makes itself manifest, which is why now we can all take advantage of the benefits of this hidden gem.

So what is Garcinia Cambogia?

As mentioned above, Garcinia Cambogia, also referred to as Malabar tamarind, is a fruit that grows in India and Southeast Asia. To the taste, it resembles a mix of a pumpkin and a tomato, and its rind has been traditionally used as a food preservative as well as carminative and flavoring agent. The interesting part is that its rind can affect a person’s appetite, which is the primary reason for the popularity of this fruit.

It appears that Garcinia Cambogia rind contains a chemical known as hydroxycitric acid. Studies have shown that this chemical can suppress the appetite, which in its turn leads to a weight loss. Additionally, it appears that hydroxycitric acid can also suppress a body inflammatory response. This fact allows Garcinia Cambogia to be also used in the treatment of rheumatism, irritable bowel disease, and other autoimmune diseases.

Mechanism of action of hydroxycitric acid

Hydroxycitric acid, which is primarily derived from Garcinia Cambogia, works by inhibiting the ATP-citrate lyase. This enzyme is responsible for catalyzing the conversion of coenzyme A and citrate to acetyl coenzyme A and oxaloacetate respectively. In turn, these two chemicals function as primary building blocks for cholesterol and fatty acid synthesis.

Shortly speaking, this means that hydroxycitric acid slows down the production of fat and cholesterol in the human body. Unfortunately, it is yet unclear how it suppresses the appetite and reduces inflammation. And speaking about its safety: placebo controlled studies have shown that even large doses of this chemical taken over long periods of time do not cause any adverse effects.

Furthermore, it has been proven that hydroxycitric acid does not affect fertility and embryonic development, and doesn’t act as a mutagen. For this reason, we can say with all confidence that garcinia cambogia supplements are completely safe and fit for human consumption. However, just like with any other dietary supplement, some people may experience an allergic reaction to its active or inactive ingredients.

Pros and cons of using Garcinia Cambogia as a weight loss supplement

First of all, let us retire the fact that garcinia cambogia extract used alone is a great weight loss supplement. Even though the results that vary among different people may be great, the same can be said about any diet or exercise program. Not only does the active ingredient of this dietary supplement promotes weight loss, it also helps fight such debilitating diseases as arthritis and Crohn’s disease.

So, you might wonder, if this substance is so good, how can there be any downsides? The case is that this product can only be used as a temporary solution to your excessive weight problems. If you do not change your diet and rely solely on garcinia cambogia to solve all your weight problems, you may be sorely disappointed. After you stop taking it, all the weight that you’ve lost will return, because you have not addressed the actual cause of your stomach being flabby or arms pudgy.

To make real progress, you have to use this dietary supplement as an addition to your diet and exercise plan. Of course this doesn’t sound as fun as popping a pill once a day and starting to look like a Victoria Secret’s model or Brad Pitt in The Fight Club. However, this is the only way of finally getting a chiseled, attractive body. As it is known, only when you work hard to achieve something will you highly appreciate what you get. Garcinia Cambogia will not do all the work for you, but it will definitely be a great aid on this arduous path.

How does it compare to other dietary supplements?

Now buckle up, ‘cause we’re about to drop some truth bombs on you. In fact, almost no dietary supplement that claim to promote weight loss actually works, and those that do, can have pretty significant side effects. We aren’t saying this to make Garcinia Cambogia look good; it’s just the cold hard truth. Almost all magic weight loss pills are just that — magic, or in other words — fiction.

Of course there are some products that do make you to lose weight. Here are some of the most popular supplements that are currently on the market:

  • L-thyroxine, large doses of caffeine or Guarana, and other substances that make your body burn the fat by genuinely boosting your metabolism. The inevitable adverse effect of such substances however, is increased heart rate, palpitations, excessive sweating, and sometimes tremor. Doesn’t sound like fun, does it? Garcinia Cambogia is not as effective as such substances and thus has no that strong side effects.
  • Sibutramine. This substance affects your brain directly and decreases your desire to eat. Unfortunately, this drug increases blood pressure and causes you to have dry mouth, constipation, headache, and insomnia. This drug was withdrawn from the market in many countries due to the fact that it increases the chance of cardiovascular events and strokes. Once again, Garcinia Cambogia doesn’t affect your appetite to the same degree.
  • Orlistat. This drug affects enzymes that break down the fat that you consume, which prevents it from being absorbed by your small intestine. As you could have guessed, if the fat is not absorbed, it does not just magically vanish. Naturally, this causes you to have bowel movements much more frequently than you would have wanted, messing your everyday life. Garcinia Cambogia is comparable in its effectiveness to Orlistat.

What makes Garcinia Cambogia a clear winner among other real weight loss supplements is the fact that it has practically no side effects (aside from allergic reactions in some people). Using it doesn’t result in your hands trembling, nor does it make you spend half of your life in the loo, and it doesn’t even increase your chances of dying from a heart attack. Garcinia Cambogia extract is a boost, not a detriment to your health!

How does Garcinia Ultra Pure compare to diets?

Just like with weight loss supplements, there are two groups of diets, to which we will compare Garcinia Cambogia. The first group consists of fad diets that you’ve read all about in popular magazines. These diets are wildly different from one another but here are some common things that one can say about them:

  • They may not work at all for you.
  • They make you lose weight over a short period of time, but you may well quickly regain it.
  • They are so extreme that they may actually be very detrimental to your health.

The second group of diets is more commonly known as “eating healthy.” These diets do not make you ‘Lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks’ and they are never short-term ones. Eating healthy is a way of life and is the only way to truly lose weight, while improving your health and wellbeing.

As you could have guessed, Garcinia Cambogia is much better than any fad diet, but it cannot even begin to compare to eating healthy. Despite that, when you already have a healthy diet, it won’t hurt to boost your results by taking Garcinia Cambogia.


Getting back in shape. Joshua.

My friend recommended me to take it after losing a whopping 30 pounds over a single summer. I just started taking it and signed up for a gym membership, so I can’t say for sure whether it makes you lose weight or not. One thing I noticed is that almost from day one I stopped having sugar cravings.

I’m on the roll! Victoria.

It’s been 4 months since I decided to finally make a change in my life by improving my diet and taking Garcinia Cambogia Extract. I never thought that I would be able to get rid of my flabby stomach after giving birth to my two beautiful twins. Well now it’s gone! Unlike my previous attempts to lose weight, this time it was almost effortless.

Fixed my bloating problems. Mandy.

When I heard about this supplement I didn’t really expect much but decided to give it a go anyway. Been taking it for two weeks now and so far lost 4 pounds. I can’t say that I’m too happy with the results but it’s definitely working. It also fixed my bloat problems, which is actually quite a surprise since nothing worked for me so well in the past.

Quick delivery. Brandon.

Thank you guys for shipping my package so quickly! My sister loves trying out different weight loss supplements and diets, and I wanted to give it to her as a gift.


Where can you buy Garcinia Cambogia?

If you’re reading this, the chances are low that you live in India or Southeast Asia, so buying Garcinia Ultra Pure on the local market is out of the question. Thankfully, the Internet has made it possible for people to purchase practically anything and have it shipped halfway across the globe to be delivered right to their doors.

Garcinia Cambogia is no exception. You can easily purchase it online from numerous online pharmacies or dedicated websites. It comes in the form of pills or as a powder. Either pharmaceutical form is fine, though pills are more convenient.


Garcinia Ultra Pure is a great weight loss supplement, which allows you to achieve astounding results when paired with a healthy diet. It is no miracle pill and won’t make you lose half your body weight overnight, but it is proven to be effective in promoting weight loss, suppressing appetite, and decreasing the bloating. Garcinia Cambogia is also a great aid for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease, though it should never replace the actual treatment.
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